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Welcome to Mobile Inquiry Technology!

This is your chance to investigate science and math with portable technology.

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Mobile Inquiry Technology was created in response to the Statewide Impact Grant through the Technology Literacy Challenge Grant Program offered by the Massachusetts Department of Education.

The project brings together the research and development group at The Concord Consortium with dissemination networks including PALMS and CESAME. Coupled with developers from exemplary mathematics programs (TERC Investigations and Connected Math Program) and science programs (FOSS, Insights, National Science Research Center STC), the team is dedicated to providing science and math inquiry through portable accessible computing. Four Massachusetts public school districts (Hudson, Shrewsbury, Northborough-Southborough, and Westborough) are providing classroom pilot teachers that are leaders in math, science, and technology.

For further information about this project, contact Carolyn Staudt at carolyn@conconcord.org.

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